Frequently asked questions

1. When does the course start?  

Enrolment for the course takes place in September and classes start during September. You can find current information in the News section on our website

2. Will you help me with my visa?

The participant arrives with an "other" visa. Upon arrival at the Czech Republic, we will report the student to the OAMP, after completing the course we will help with extending the stay for another year.

3. Which documents do I need to bring with me?

a) I am a high school graduate: birth certificate, vaccination certificate, school report of the last 4 years (grades + number of lessons), high school graduation certificate (final certificate). In the case of a private school, a certificate of accreditation issued by the Ministry of Education.

b) I am a graduate of a secondary vocational school: birth certificate, vaccination certificate, school report of the last 3 years (grades + number of lessons), certificate of completion of a secondary vocational school (final certificate). In the case of a private vocational school, a certificate of accreditation issued by the Ministry of Education.

c) I am a university graduate: birth certificate, vaccination certificate, school report of the last 4 years (grades + number of lessons), diploma. In the case of a private university, a certificate of accreditation issued by the Ministry of Education.

4. Is there medical treatment available?

Yes, the school has its own general practitioner, who takes care of the students throughout their studies, conducts entrance examinations and gives the students their medical reports at the end of the year.

5. Is catering possible?

Yes, the dining room is part of the accommodation. There are kitchenettes on the dormitory floors with a stove, a microwave and a kettle.

6. Where can I stay?

You can stay in the dormitory part of the Zlatý zámek hotel, the price of accommodation depends on the type of the room.

7. How long does the course last?

Classes run until the end of May, but the visa is valid until August 31st, so that you can complete the entrance exams and extend your stay.

8. What if I don't know Czech, nor chemistry, biology, or physics?

You don't need to know anything to start studying, we will teach you everything from the very beginning, both Czech language and subjects for the entrance exams.

9. What if I'm not a good at mathematics?

Calculators are allowed at 5 of the 9 medical faculties.

10. Why are the courses so expensive?

Courses only seem to be expensive. For example, the one-year course for a foreigner who does not know even the basics of Czech costs 5,990 EUR for 1,088 lessons of Czech language and professional subjects. That means just 5.51 EUR per a lesson. A private teacher would cost at least 15 EUR per a lesson, which is more than 3 times as much.

11. Is there everything needed for comfortable study and life in Mariánské Lázně?

Surprisingly, Mariánské Lázně is more suitable for studying Czech and professional subjects than, for example, Prague or Brno. There is peace in the town, which allows you to concentrate on your studies. You will be in a Czech language environment the whole time. In Mariánské Lázně there are all the necessary shops and services - 2 big supermarkets (Kaufland and Tesco), drugstores (Teta and DM), household goods (KIK and Pepco), clothes in many smaller shops, shoes (Deichmann), sportswear and sports equipment (Sportissimo), stationery (Poprokan) and others. Alternatively, you can order something via the Internet - the Czech Post works quite quickly, and there are also delivery boxes in the city. There are plenty of restaurants along the main street where you can go for a good dinner at the weekend.   

12. Is Mariánské Lázně far from Prague?

Although Mariánské Lázně is almost the westernmost city of the Czech Republic, the journey to Prague by a comfortable train takes only 2 hours. The Prague Central Station is located in the very centre of Prague.

13. Is studying in the Czech Republic free even after you are 26?

Any foreigner of any age can study in the Czech Republic at a university for free.

14. What if I have compulsory military service in my country?

Studying abroad is a reason for postponing military service. Military service will therefore not apply to you unless you decide to permanently move back to your home state.

15. How much will it cost me to live in the Czech Republic?

It always depends on the student. In general, a student can get by with 280-400 EUR a month including accommodation, meals and minor entertainment.

16. Will my university diploma be valid also in other countries?

The diploma is valid in the countries of the entire European Union, in Switzerland, Norway, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia... and many other countries.

17. What if I am afraid of being alone abroad?

The Czech Republic is 9th in the ranking of the safest countries in the world (statistics in 2022). There will be other foreign students around you, you are not alone. Our team of experienced experts will not only help you with all the documents, but also support you in difficult moments. For us, every student is part of a big family.

18. When should I start preparing the documents?

The best is to start around the beginning of your last school year, so that you have everything ready in advance and can arrive at the Czech Republic in time for the start of the course.